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A groundbreaking innovation in wellness technology, Sensate uses the natural power of sonic resonance to calm your body’s nervous system, providing immediate relief and long-term benefits from regular use.

Calm Your Nerves

Feel better in as few as ten minutes per day

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A genius device. I now get into a deep meditative state within a few minutes versus what used to take an hour.

The Sensate 2 is lightyears ahead of other calming, relaxation apps you may have tried before.

If you're craving calming vibes, look no further than Sensate 2. Combining a pebble-shaped wearable...with a selection of soothing audio tracks, it's a bundle that works to good effect.

The 20-minute sessions were plenty long enough to deeply relax me in preparation for bed. On one test I was asleep within 12 minutes! It’s definitely a device I’d use regularly.

After just a few minutes I was in an enhanced state of relaxation and drifted off into a much deeper sleep right after use.

Sensate: ten minutes is like a power nap...the new key to stress relief and good health.

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Supporting the body's stress response system

For many of us, our body’s built-in stress management system is in overdrive. With a nervous system chronically stuck in fight/flight/freeze mode, your body is not receiving adequate time to rest and recover from everyday stressors.

Sensate's novel patented technology was designed to send infrasonic waves through the chest, to reach the vagus nerve that sits deep in the core of our nervous system. By speaking to our body's command center, we can control how we respond to all the positive and negative things that we experience each day.

Together with the specially composed hemispheric audio within the app, users report feeling calmer from the very first session.

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Thanks Sensate!

Got mine for my girlfriend and she's a lot more calmer and it relieves her during a panic attack. Thanks sensate! Let the team know they are amazing to make such an innovative device that helps those in need of relief in our everyday lives.

Alex E, LA, USA

Well-designed device and app

I’m not a gadget person but this device has found a place in my daily routine. I suffer from anxiety - by using the Sensate I can distract myself from my racing thoughts and submit to the subtle but powerfully healing sensations and sounds. I sometimes go to bed and use this well-designed device and app to fall asleep with. They work seamlessly to bring relief and deep relaxation.

Mark W

Better than I had even hoped for

The experience of using Sensate has been better than I had even hoped for. Have not slept as well for very many years and feel relaxed during the day.

Jon E, London, UK

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Your Key to Calm

Infrasonic resonance is the natural power of sound that can reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality.

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Your Key to Calm

Infrasonic resonance is the natural power of sound that can reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality.

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Fact: Stress is Primal

Stress occurs when the primal part of our brain, the medulla, is activated by our nervous system

Stress is Critical For Survival

This primal part of our brain activates the fight, flight, freeze instincts critical to human survival

But Modern Brains Trigger Survival Instincts Too Often

Our modern brains have evolved to trigger the primal instincts by just sitting in a meeting or in traffic

The Vagus Nerve is a direct connection to the primal brain. Research has proven that Vagus Nerve activation calms the brain medulla responsible for stress & anxiety

The Vagus Nerve Calms the Primal Brain

Scientists Discovered Chest Resonance Signals the Vagus Nerve

Sensate taps into the phenomenon of bone conduction. Your chest resonates sound, and these frequencies signal the vagus nerve to relax