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Recline and place Sensate on the centre line of your chest bone about 3-4 fingers below the top of the bone (you can feel the notch at the base of your throat where the chest bone starts). Sensate can be used between the breasts and as low as the lower part of the chest bone, depending on your shape. Feel free to experiment with slightly different positions and see what feels best for you.
The series of illustrations and descriptions in the User Guide show the region Sensate can be used on. It is a region rather than an exact spot as the device only needs to be placed flat on the midline of the chest bone for the bone conduction to work. The Sensate is meant to be positioned near to your sternum. You can move your device up or down a few centimetres or so depending on your shape and where it feels good.
You can use Sensate on top of or between clothes, directly on the skin or inside the neoprene pouch.

Your Sensate emits low-frequency resonant vibrations. When positioned on the chest bone these vibrations are transmitted via bone conduction into the chest, and this turns the thoracic cavity into a resonating chamber. This feels like a very pleasant hum spreading through the chest, and people report this as feeling very similar to many kinds of special breathing and sound techniques. You can control the strength of the vibrations using the intensity slider on the app.

Sensate requires a lot of power to produce its infrasonic vibrations! One full charge will provide around a week of daily sessions. The light will change from blue to yellow/green when it is time to re-charge.
The white USB charge light will turn off when the battery is fully charged, which takes between 2-4 hours. Sensate can be left on charge as needed, including overnight.

Yes! You can install the app on as many phones as you like, however Sensate can only connect to a single phone at a time, so make sure to fully exit the app when you finish your session and before starting a session on another phone or tablet.

To use your Sensate device, you must install the Sensate app on a compatible phone or tablet. The Sensate app is compatible with Mac iOS and most popular Android devices. We're adding more devices and we strive to improve compatibility, so if you don't see your device on the list, check with us. However, a good indication that your phone is compatible, is if you can download the Sensate app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
Compatible devices: https://www.getsensate.com/pages/supported-devices
iOS device minimum requirement is still 10.3

Sensate 2

Instant calm for an anxious mind.
With the Sensate 2 anti-anxiety and stress relief device, you can achieve relaxation and peace in an easy, safe and enjoyable 10-minute daily session. No effort, training or experience is required.

Features And Benefits Of Sensate

Improve Heart Rate Variability

a key marker of overall health, including main body functions and longevity

Calm Your Nerves

increase stress resilience, optimize self-regulation, feel focused and more productive

Discover Better sleep

deeper, longer sleep sessions, resulting in more refreshing and rejuvenating rest

Feel Better Now

nothing is needed except 10 minutes of your time, so let your body do the work for you

Reduce The Effects Of Stress

calm your fight, flight, freeze response without effort, training or experience

Boost Your Resilience

designed to improve general wellbeing and maximize your ability to cope with stress

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